Pernille Aven Lupai

I call my self a Sorceress Entrepreneur, because in everything I do, I connect to source; to where everything started, to our Mother Earth, to the cycles of nature and to my intuition. And from there ideas, visions and life flows.
I have been self-employed for more than a decade, always lead by my heart, I continually seek to explore possibilities for growth.

Life has taken me from the business of purchasing, as a product manager, to a dedicated yoga teacher, to owner of a yoga studio, to magic facilitator of women’s circles and mentoring.

Life has blessed me with 3 children, who I proudly call myself a Wolf Mamma to. They are my greatest master teachers every single day.

Life has challenged me on all levels; both personal and work related. Rooted deep I have learned how to rise up to the most difficult of situations.

When working with me in any way, you can expect that I aim to inspire, empower and connect you deeper to your Self.
My mission is to accelerate your personal growth and awaken your desire for living the wild, authentic life of your dreams and enjoying everything life has to offer.

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all that i do

Yoga classes

Daily self love on the mat

Through playful exploration, intuitive listening and bodily wisdom, I aim to inspire, empower and connect you deeper to your Self.


Fairy tale flow

My Signature workshop.

Combining my love for stories, myths and folklore with yoga in a flow of motion. Experiencing how any good story can come alive within us.


Awakening Sovereignty

year long immersion for women

Awakening your inherited feminine power and wisdom, to restore balance and live life to the fullest. I am facilitate a sacred space for you to grow and expand you wings.


Let me walk you home

There is no limit to where you can go. I would love to help you on your journey, so that you can enjoy the way to your dreams.


Sister Circles

True North Sisters

Magic happens when women come together in sisterhood. All women are welcomed into the sacred circle, for healing, empowerment and community.



radical self love

A possibility to dive deep into the practices of yoga and your Self. A much needed escape from everyday life, that will re-fill your own cup, and rejuvenate you inside out. 



1 : 1

If you want me to help you dive deeper into your yoga practice, whether it is asana, meditation, pranayama or any other aspect of yoga.

Events & lectures

in companies, festivals & public places

I have a wide span of offerings and I love to share my knowledge with any type of audience, small or big. 


Let's find out together


If you wish to collaborate, take any of my classes, want mentoring or just have something you want to share with me -never hesitate, just contact me by clicking on the below contact button