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A year long immersion back to you

Facilitated by pernille aven lupai


On the threshold to a new beginning, awaits a journey of immerse growth.
It is a call for the woman you are destined to be, connecting you with your own divine nature.

This is not your average immersion. It is a path that will require devotion, listening and learning form your intuition and from the lunar, solar and seasonal cycles of nature, as forces of wisdom. It is a wish and a desire to live your life authentically from your heart, giving you practices to help you align with your own true nature. It is the journey home - to your Self. 

I realised,
I never changed,
I went on a journey;
I found myself
— Pernille Aven Lupai

Awakening Sovereignty will make you take the lead of your own life - becoming the queen of your castle.

The Awakening Sovereignty immersion will be a year of radical self care, together we will journey through various different practices with the mission to get to know all the layers and cells of our Self. We will awaken our inherited feminine power and wisdom, and restore balance in our lives.
Together we will dive deep, rise up and grow into the women we are. 
You will learn that you already hold your inherently divine knowledge within, and through self-awareness, self-enquiry and observation, clearly see your own divine potential. As well as being able to identify the blessings and lessons in every situation that life puts upon you.

Pernille Aven will facilitate a sacred space for you to grow and expand you wings, where you will regain the believe in your Self and trust the journey you are on, is in alignment with your divine purpose. She facilitates a transformative year for you to keep spiraling upwards, as well as root you deeply into Earth.

You will also experience first hand what high impact coming together with other women, on your souls journey, has on your growth. In this sacred space we can feel free to be our authentic Selfs, learning how shine and activate our unique gifts, and come to live a life filled with more passion, love and devotion.

Awakening Sovereignty is your year long journey home.

The practices

On the Awakening Sovereignty journey, we will be learning through various different practices, yet they are weaved together, feeling naturally aligned with each other. All of them rooted in (ancient) Earth based practices to connect you to your own female divinity.
You will learn how your own inherited cycle corresponds to the cycle of nature (a year journey) and the cycle of the moon (though a lunar month) and how aligning your life with the natural cycles, will bring an ease, flow and rhythm to your everyday life and body. Furthermore how it can be used to enhance your creativity, elevate your growth and you will experience greater joy and harmony.
There will be yoga, meditation, pranayama, rituals, dance and sacred movement practices.
We will explore our darkness with shadow work, and as we embrace our shadow self we are able to fall in love with our own light and shine.
Together we will laugh, cry, smile, wonder, explore and let all emotions run freely through our bodies.
You will also learn about the elements, Goddesses, old traditions and myths. How to create a sacred space in your home (and everywhere else) and implement radical self care practices as a natural part of your everyday life.
All the different practices will unlock your inherited feminine wisdom, restore balance and bring your power home, Awakening Sovereignty within you.


when, where & how

Over the corse of a year, we will meet in person 6 weekends:

  • 1-3 Feb 2019

  • 26-28 Apr

  • 7-9 June

  • 30 Aug - 1 Sept

  • 8-10 Nov

  • 17-19 Jan 2020

The weekend time-plan* will be more or less like this:
Friday 19.00-21.30, Saturday 12.00-18.00, Sunday 11.00-15.00

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

After every weekend you will bring home the practices, including a manual, that is suitable for the time of year and where we are in our work process.
In between the weekends there will be time to integrate the practices, contemplate, explore and self study. We will also hold each other to the sacred flame of our Awakening Sovereignty journey together via a closed Facebook group.

* Times are subject to change a bit, a good idea is not to make any other plans these weekends, this is your weekends of radical self care and shouldn't be disturbed.

Who can join

Awakening Sovereignty is an Immersion for all women; regardless of age, background, education etc.
It is a sacred path for women who wants to grow and expand their wings, women who seek a deeper connection to them self and the world around them. Those who feel a desire to live life more authentic in alignment with their natural cycle and in balance with the world around them.

if you can relate to any of the following this is for you

  • I don't have time to fill my own cup

  • I feel mis-aligned with my work, friends or family

  • I often feel stuck

  • Feel like life is to fast-paced

  • I am repressing feelings, desires and dreams or even forgot I had ones

  • Seek deeper connections with other women

  • Lost my femininity or what it's feels like to be a woman

  • I wish to grow

  • I want more radical self care

  • I forgot myself along the way

  • I no longer wish to limit myself or fit into the box someone (society) else placed me in

Price and payment options

With the one year long journey of Awakening Sovereignty Immersion you will get;
More than 75 hours together in our group of women learning, experiencing and growing in a safe and sacred space - one 1:1 session online mentoring with Pernille Aven - a comprehensive manual you can return to year after year - practices that will last you a lifetime - a sacred closed Facebook group to keep each other near when apart - a life changing and transformative year together with likeminded women who wish to grow - a sisterhood of support and love - and much much more

Your investment for a year journey on the Awakening Sovereignty Immersion: 13.000 DKK

Deposit as you sign up: 3.333 DKK  [non refundable]

The final amount of 9.667 DKK will need to be paid by Jan 15th. 2019
Payment option in rates of 3 x 3.500 DKK (15 Jan, 15 Apr & 15 June)

an extra special treat for the first 3 women who sign up: 2 extra 1:1 online mentoring sessions with Pernille aven

Step into your own power, belive in your inherited wisdom, trust your intuition and experience freedom - it is your goddess given right

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