New Moon Portal to Navaratri and the power of the Goddess

As I am writing this, the Moon is new [in Libra]. And I have just whispered my prayers and manifestations under the the dark moon, and let the wind carry it into the night, for the Universe to support me on my path.
Always when the night sky darkens and the moon becomes invisible for the eye to see, my mood has a tendency to darken to, and so it did yesterday. ‘Mind spinning’ I call it, sometimes hard to stop when I am an over-analytical [Virgo] person by nature… I know this very well about myself… Over the years I learned various practices to get ‘back to me’, when my head takes me of course. One of them is my devotion to the Goddess, the great Divine Mother; Embracing the Shakti waves that runs through all that exists and all of our experiences.

And so it is a very warm welcoming of the sacred celebrations of the power of the Goddess this year for me, the Maha Navaratri. As a clearance in my whole system after a year that sent me through 3 (more than) rough challenges. I know the devotional practice to the Goddess in her many forms, awakens her within me, summoning her powers, to slays the demonic forces of negativity, helps we flow and surface from challenges with grace and peace in mind and heart.

Tonight’s new Moon marks the threshold portal to the nine nights celebration of the Goddess: Navaratri. That always starts the day after the new moon, when it starts to wax. This year Navaratri starts September 29. And as the Moon waxes, grows and her light shines brighter - so will the Goddess clear the stuck mind, giving you clarity and reinforce a positive spiral of self worth and inherited power of light from within.

Lakshmi - Durga - Saraswati

Lakshmi - Durga - Saraswati

Navaratri celebrates the supreme divine feminine power

Through her many forms she teaches us courage, love, compassion, discipline, success, enlightenment, surrender, passion and so much more. She is Maiden, Mother and Crone, She is the Creatrix, She is Grace in action. From her we all receive the great blessings of life, and we give thanks to all of her abundance granted to us through the past year [our harvest, the grain and crops].

The first tree days is devoted to Durga/Kali - who helps us destroy and slay the demons and negativity in our hearts and minds, freeing us from ignorance, ego and selfishness . She empowers us, gives us strength and motivates us to grow spiritually.
Invoke her with this Mantra: Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

The next tree days is devoted to Lakshmi - who opens our heart to be compassionate, devoted and loving beings. She brings abundance, prosperity and good health.
Invoke her with this Mantra: Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

The last tre days is devoted to Saraswati - who inspires us to learn, be creative, understand complexity. She brings knowledge and wisdom, illuminating our consciousness.
Invoke her with this Mantra: Om Saraswati Nomo Namaha

On the 10th. morning it is Vijayadashami ‘The day of Victory’ when the light wins over the dark - a powerful reminder as we have just entered the dark time of the year.
May you keep the light burning bright inside you this season and be guided by the power of the Goddess within.
Blessed Navaratri, Blessed be the Goddess, may she bless you with prosperity, love and abundance and protect your path.