awakening sovereignty

SPring immersion

Urban retreat in Copenhagen
Jan 31 - Feb 2 + Mar 14, 2020

spring flower in snow

When the Earth begins to stir again and re-awaken from the winter we too must start to move from the dark towards the light. It will be the threshold of a new beginning and new life.
The Spring Immersion corresponds to the element of Air, the direction of East, the Maiden, pre-ovulation and first Quarter Moon.

Your investment

Expect a full weekend + a day together in our immersion group.
After the first weekend you will bring home the practices, including a manual, that will take you through the coming season of Spring.
In between there will be time to integrate the practices, contemplate, explore and self study - how much time you invest in yourself and your practices on a daily basis will be up to you. We will also hold each other to the sacred flame of our Awakening Sovereignty journey together, via a closed Facebook group. When we re-gather some weeks later for a day, we will have had time to experience and do the practices on our own, and we can deepen our experience and practices together.

The Price for the Spring Immersion is only 3000 dkk - for the first 5 women who sign-up there will be a 500 dkk discount, since this is the first round in the new format.

goddess awakens

The Immersion time-plan* will be more or less like this:
Friday 19.00-21.30, Saturday 12.00-18.00, Sunday 11.00-15.00
+ a Saturday some weeks later 12.00-18.00
*can be subject to small changes
It is a good idea is not to make any other plans and keep the weekend sacred, this is your weekends of radical self care and shouldn't be disturbed (to much).